Thursday, November 26, 2009

What This Feminist is Thankful For

I am thankful...

...for all of the women who came before me; the women who fought and died so that the rest of us could have the right to vote, to work in any field we want, to play for a funded sports program, to stay unmarried and still support ourselves, to own property, run for elected office and dream of becoming president.

...that I live in a country where I am still free to express myself, no matter how many people agree or disagree with me.

...for all of the women I have met along my journey who have nurtured me, served as my mentors, encouraged my independence and contributed to who I am today.

...for my friends.

...for the men who are just as angry at the gender inequalities and who fight to make things equal.  I am even more thankful for those men who proudly call themselves "feminist."

...for the women leaders who serve as examples to younger women and little girls that they too can be anything they want to be.

...for my nieces and nephew who remind me that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

...for my sister who is also my friend.

...for my parents who let me express myself in so many ways and allowed me to find my voice, even at a young age.

Finally, I am thankful to God, who despite what some may believe, belongs to and loves everyone, even a left-wing, liberal feminist like myself!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to "The Voices of Lilith and Judith"

Welcome to "The Voices of Lilith and Judith."  I am starting this blog because I have finally decided to step up my involvement in the continual fight for women's equality.  Up until recently, I had been very happy fighting for women's rights and equality through my personal advocacy and through one-on-one conversations with my friends - both male and female.  Then I ended up in a relationship with a feminist (not sure he realized he was one till we started dating).  As in the beginning of most relationships, you tend to talk about your values, beliefs, etc.  I found myself having to fully verbalize why I am constantly in the fight for women's equality.  In these discussions, I realized that a lot of what I do is to benefit my younger relatives as well as involve them in the fight as they grow up.  I also realized that I need to step up my game, which led to the creation of this blog.  It may seem a minor contribution to some, but to me, this is a giant step forward. 

The purpose of this blog is two-fold:

First, to create a place where other women in the fight can gather, knowing that there are still other warriors fighting alongside her.  It's to be a place of nurturing and camaraderie.  To emphasize this point, I plan on having my friends chime in as guest bloggers every now and then to provide different voices in the fight.

Second, it is to be a place of education, highlighting the still ever growing inequalities that many people may overlook because these inequalities are unfortunately part of the everyday norm.

One thing that I don't want this blog to be is a place to bash men, especially since so many of them are fighting right alongisde us. 

I'm not sure what my blogging schedule will be, but I do promise to have at least weekly updates. 

Thank you for following along and joining me in the fight! Welcome fellow warriors!