Sunday, May 9, 2010

Did you know Motherhood is a Feminist Issue?

Happy Mother's Day to everyone, especially my own mom. I have a pretty awesome mom.  I don't know if my mom would ever call herself a feminist, but she definitely raised one.  One of things I am most grateful for is that she allowed me to develop and grow as a feminist and independent woman.  She never patronized me or discounted my activism.  In fact, when I went into politics, she encouraged it because it meant that she got to travel to new places to visit me whenever I was on a campaign.

Under my mom's freedom, I grew as a feminist. Feminism became part of everything I am and believe, even when it came to relationships...or so I thought. Being a feminist, I believe that a woman should be equal in her marriage/relationship. That she does not need to be the one to stay home with the kids, clean the house or cook the meals.  These are all roles that can be shared equally and a man can do as well.  In fact I know several men who excel in this role.  As a feminist, I also believe that a woman has reproductive rights and has the right to choose if she brings life into this world or not. But, that is where I stopped in seeing the need for activism for women in families. Was I ever wrong.

Enter, The Feminist Breeder.  I found The Feminist Breeder podcast when I was looking for more information about Feminism and Relationships.  I started listening to the podcast and realized that as a feminist, there is a whole new world out there that needs activism.  I never thought that when it came time to have children, I would have to fight just to make sure I could have my baby the way I wanted to.  If I wanted home birth, or a midwife or any other choice, I may not necessarily be able to make the choice I wanted based on what was provided by the hospital, doctor or even my insurance.  There is so much I have learned just from listening to her show and reading her blog.  One of the big things I have learned is to be prepared and do my own research when that big day comes.

While I'm not a mom yet, I am glad I stumbled upon The Feminist Breeder now. It has given me a whole new perspective on motherhood.  So, whether you are a mom, a mom-to-be or a childless feminist like myself, I encourage you to check it out. It will open a whole new area where we need to continue the fight for equality for all women.

Fight On!

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