Monday, May 17, 2010

Running - The Great Equalizer?

Sunday, I ran my first half marathon. 

I'm pretty excited that I completed it, especially since I just started running in 2008.  I love running because the only person I am competing with is myself.   I also love running because I think it is a great equalizer - at my level. 

Sure, there are the Elite runners where you have men running faster than women.  But I'm not going to blog about that today. No, I'm talking about the rest of us. Those of us who run with the goal of finishing or getting a better personal time, but not winning.  In other words, the non-elite runners.  Once you get beyond elite, this is where all runners are equal.  How? Well, on Sunday, I was running with groups of both women and men.  I passed both women and men. I also had both women and men pass me.  Also, the supporters that came out to cheer the runners were both women and men.  There did not seem to be one gender more represented than another. Sure, someone may prove me wrong, but I'm going off of what I saw and since this is my blog, that's what counts. :)

Since I tend to point out the areas where inequalities stand, I thought I would blog about something where women and men seemed to be truly equal! Or it could be that I haven't come down off my runner's high yet. :)

My friends and I show off our medals!

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